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Many people, when they hear about New Mexico, think two things . . . hot and dry. If you travel north in New Mexico, you soon discover that it can be hot and it can be dry, but it is also green ribbons of irrigated land along the rivers. It is mountainous with vistas of highlands covered with pine and spruce trees. And, yes it can be hot, but not nearly as hot as the southern part of the state. By the same token, it will be colder in the winter months.

Even more different than the climate and scenery is the culture of Northern New Mexico. It is a tri-culture of American Indian, Hispanic and later-arriving Anglos. Most of the towns and villages have been integrated with an Anglo population so long, that it is taken for granted. Some are more remote and so becoming a part of the community may take a bit longer for Anglos who are relocating to a different area.

The real estate market is also unique to New Mexico. Northern New Mexico attracts many people looking for a second home or looking for a place for retirement . . . either retirement now or at a time in the future. In fact, a majority of sales over a certain price are almost exclusively to buyers moving from other states.

Located in Northern New Mexico, there is one town that is unique in this already unique area and that is Los Alamos. Built during WWII to create the bomb, it is home to a huge National Lab and most of the inhabitants work for the lab or for a support vendor for the lab. This sets Los Alamos and its suburbs apart from the rest of Northern New Mexico. It is the highest per capita earnings county right next to one of the lowest per capita earnings county.

Take your time. Explore, search and discover the village or area in Northern New Mexico that suits you best. If you would like to talk to someone who has lived here for over 30 years, email me and we can talk about what makes each community different.